The Mandela Washington Fellowship

It is through hard work and dedication that a young African leader gets chosen to join the program. This program is there to empower young people through leadership training, academic coursework and networking. The YALI program was designed to encourage and instill confidence, passion and commitment of the next generational leaders in Africa. It is through this initiative that over 1000 young leaders will go to the US for six weeks for training in three vital areas such as: business and entrepreneurship, public management and administration, and civic leadership.

One of the young leaders who have been selected to join the program this year is Mpodumo Doubada. He is the co-founder and CEO of Pimp My Book. Mpodumo has achieved a lot since he first started his business in 2006 in his room at the University of Cape Town. Pimp My Book, is a book shop that buy and sell second hand textbooks. This organisation was created to help student who need textbooks but are not able to afford brand new textbooks, it also helps those students who need extra pocket money, they can came to any Pimp My Book store and sell their books and get cash on-hand.

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